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New Class!

Conversational Spanish

A virtual course for teens and adults

Studying on the Grass

$300/ 8-week course 

Class will meet virtually once a week, tentatively scheduled for Mondays from 5-6 p.m beginning in October. Time/day could change once class fills up, to ensure a time that works for everyone. Sibling discount available.

Come speak Spanish with Gina! As a Spanish language teacher and a lecturer for more than 30 years, Gina knows how to make learning Spanish fun for teens, college students and adults. Whether you have a student who is learning the grammar but needs more speaking practice than a classroom can provide or you personally want to learn to speak Spanish by jumping in and speaking from day 1, this course is designed to give each student plenty of opportunities to learn vocabulary and phrases and use them. Gina will provide fun skits and scenarios and teach you some language hacks along the way to make learning Spanish fun and relaxing  - the way learning a language should be! Note: This is not a grammar-heavy course, but rather one that focuses on speaking the language, pronouncing words correctly and feeling comfortable using the vocabulary. It's the perfect compliment to a student already enrolled in Spanish at school or for an adult who wants to learn to speak for basic conversation and future travels!

As this is a class that focuses on conversation practice, class size is limited so that every student has plenty opportunities to speak in every class.

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