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Language Classes

All classes are virtual, live and interactive


Join Gina on a virtual Italian adventure, learning phrases, history and culture. In this new class, Gina will take you through some of the most beautiful regions of Italy, introducing you to its art, music, food and culture. Each class will include language instruction to prepare for your journey, as well as an introduction to a new region, its food, its most well-known artists and musicians as well as its distinct culture. This intimate look at Italy will teach, inspire and prepare you for your own future travels!



If you have some knowledge of the Italian language, can speak some phrases and could get by with the bit of language you know, then Advanced Beginner might be right for you! This class will build on the foundation you learned in Beginning Italian and introduce you to new vocabulary, new conversations and new cities as you continue your virtual tour around Italy with Gina! In this course, you'll explore the southern region - learning about the food, the people and the culture. Also, get ready to participate in little interactive skits as you make your way through Italian as a curious and engaging tourist!


We will finish our virtual tour through Italy in this class, discovering the legendary island of Sicilia! Germany's most famous writer, Goethe, once wrote, "To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything." By now, you will know many phrases and have a richer vocabulary as we embark on our journey together so you'll be able to converse even more with the Italians we "meet" along the way!

It's time to take off to beautiful Italia and practice all the vocabulary, phrases and conversations you've learned in Beginning Italian and Advanced Beginner Italian! This class will concentrate on speaking, speaking, speaking! Gina will provide fun and realistic skits for you to practice as if you were really in Italy trying to get know a new friend, navigate your way through a city or solve a travel issue at the airport, hotel, etc. Get ready to laugh and enjoy using your new skills in a safe and supportive environment. We are all learning and we are all having fun while doing it!

Studying on the Grass
Travel Diary
Tour Bus

Whether you have a student who is learning the grammar but needs more speaking practice than a classroom can provide or you personally want to learn to speak Spanish by jumping in and speaking from day 1, this course is designed to give each student plenty of opportunities to learn vocabulary and phrases and use them. Gina will provide fun skits and scenarios and teach you some language hacks along the way to make learning Spanish fun and relaxing  - the way learning a language should be!


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