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Beginner Italian

A Virtual Language and Cultural Adventure

Gina's class was so much fun! I loved that she kept the lessons fresh and engaging by switching between interesting culture lessons and language instruction. Gina created a welcoming environment and a safe place to make mistakes (inevitable when learning a new language). I would recommend this class to all Italophiles!

– Monica Richardson, Austin, TX


$250/ 6-week course 

Join Gina in person in Austin or join virtually on zoom for an Italian language and culture adventure! In this beginning Italian class, Gina will take you through some of the most beautiful regions of Italy, introducing you to its art, music, food and culture. Each class will include language instruction to prepare for your journey, as well as an introduction to a new region, its food, its most well-known artists and musicians as well as its distinct culture. This intimate look at Italy will teach, inspire and prepare you for your own future travels!


Gina will also send notes each week after class for further study, as well as share some of her favorite recipes for you to try at home!  This class is perfect whether you are a brand new beginner to Italian or have some basic education but want a great refresher. There will be many chances throughout each class to speak!

Already have the basics and can make conversation? Check out our Intermediate Beginner Italian Class and Conversational Italian Class!

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