Virtual Cooking & Language night

"Wow, wow, wow. What a special event. All of my friends were telling me how much they LOVED this experience. It was so special and the food was at its finest!" 

- Maggie Iribarren, Motion Filmworks

Charleston, S.C.



If you want to book a private party with 5 or more people, contact us for a special rate. 

Gina has been featured on numerous morning TV shows, sharing her love of Italian cooking with viewers across the country. You can now join Gina from the comfort of your own home as she shows you how to make a delicious Italian dish, while participating in some language instruction and a history lesson! You will receive the recipe and a list of ingredients ahead of time so you can cook alongside her if you wish. Or, sit back with a refreshment and just enjoy the show while still participating in language instruction. All classes in this series are live, so expect fun interaction like you're in Gina's own kitchen. This isn't just cooking, this is cooking with Italian flair!